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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Classical Conversations Memory Master Hand Stamped Silver Necklace

I love Classical Conversations! My children now in our 4th year (5th and 7th grades respectively) and I only wish I'd discovered this fabulous curriculum earlier.

My daughter is going to press through to Memory Masters this year. I wanted to honor her hard work and thought some of you moms might like to do so too.

I hand stamped Memory Master around the curve of the disc then added CC  in the middle. Off the side is a teardrop tag on which I stamped the actual cycle mastered 1, 2, or 3. Use the drop down option below to select how many tags you need. I'm creating one for each year my daughter made memory masters. I can either hand stamp I, II, or III on the tags or the actual year. Please let me know at checkout!!

NOTE: Some of you are ordering all 3 cycles, but only want Cycle 2 on the necklace and the other cycles in a little bag to attach later! Please make a note at checkout if you want these separate, otherwise, I will attach all the Cycle charms you buy:)

For all you hard working MOMS, I made one for you, too!!! See here.

Silver chain is antiqued silver plated soldered link brass. Crystals are Swarovski. Chains are finished adjacent to the lobster clasp with antiqued silver plated brass beads.

Necklaces measure 30" in length then fall about 2 more inches with the cluster pendant.  From the drop down box below, choose if you want the necklace as seen above, or with an extra charm. See the Memory Master necklace here.

See my hand stamped To Make Him Known silver version with a cross here

Brass Version here.

All Magpies come charmingly gift wrapped and ready for giving.

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