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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Liquid Gold~~Golden AA Citrine Statement Necklace

Like simplicity? I took AA genuine Citrine gemstone nuggets and wire wrapped them with gold plated copper core wire for a deligtfully light weight necklace.

Necklace measures 16+2 inches. Earrings fall 1.5 inches from gold plated brass french hooks.
Beads are AA quality Citrine nuggets. See on Etsy here.

August Awakening~~ Triple Layer Peridot and Silver Necklace SOLD

Julianna helped me string this set--brilliant green genuine peridot chips in three layer of delectable color. Peridot is the August birthstone, but you don't have to be an August gal to appreciate the pop of color to accentuate your wardrobe. The inside diameter is 18 inches and falls to 22 inches with the third layer. I can also add on an extender chain for more versatility.

Earrings hang right under two inches.

See on Etsy here.

Barcelona, Blue and Yellow Turquoise Statement Necklace SOLD

Turquoise and Canary Silver Statement Necklace, Blue Turquoise and Yellow Pendant Necklace

Loving this chunky necklace--vibrate blue  turquoise (dyed Magnesite) stones are wire wrapped to hammered a center-piece silver plated steel link from which hangs  stunning yellow turquoise pendant. Necklace hangs 17 inches to the pendant then two more. 

All Magpies are made by me in my home studio. All metals used are nickel and lead free. 

See on Etsy here

Blackberry Bramble ~~ Pale Purple Crazy Lace Agate and Pearl Statement Necklace

Long Purple Agate Statement Necklace, Purple Statement Necklace, Purple Crazy Lace Agate and Pearl,

Each year when we go up to my grandmother's cabin, on our initial walk to the beach we walk with haste to see who will make it to the blackberry brambles first and announce the advent of summer berries. We were a few weeks too early this year to gather enough berries for pie and jam, but on our last day we found the mother lode--handfuls of juicy plump berries right within reach. I gathered enough for us to have a bowl full of berries and cream...mmm, what a delight. We even had enough left over for a quart of jam, which incidentally, was delectably wiped up with Mark's homemade sourdough biscuits a few days ago.

The natural purple swirls in the crazy lace agate in our Blackberry Bramble reminded me of a bowl full of berries and cream as the cream is tinged purplish from the crushed fruit. I added in lavender hued freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals, too. Necklace is long at 40 inches.

Necklace is 40 inches long and composed of Crazy Lace Agate gemstone beads, pale lavender pearls, Swarovski crystals and wired on non-tarnishing silver plated wire.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Antiqued Silver Wire Wrapped White Coin Pearl Earrings, White Flat Pearl Earrings, White Coin Pearl Earrings,

Snow White ~~

These are lovely glossy flat white coin pearls, reminiscent of the purity and goodness of Snow White:) I wire wrapped  glossy white 13mm natural coin pearl in antiqued silver wire and suspended it from the earwires of your choice, here, you see 1.5" kidney wires.

Each piece is handmade to order, and due to the free form nature of wire wrapping, no two pair of earrings will ever be the same, but they'll be pretty darn close.

All Magpies are made by me in my home studio. All metals used are nickel and lead free. Pearl is a genuine freshwater cultured coin pearl which measures a wee bit less than 14mm and a hair more than 12mm which leaves me with 13mm as a measurement. Earwires are antiqued silver plated brass. French hook wires are surgical steel.

See/buy on Etsy here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Alis Volat Propriis Antiqued Stamped Disc Necklace, Latin Quote Necklace, She Flies with her own wings

She flies with her own wings ~~ What a powerful declaration of independence and female strength.

I hand stamped Alis Volat Propriis  on a 1.25" brass discs, antiqued and distressed the disc and added a bronze bird charm and sparkling Swarovski crystal for a cluster pendant necklace.

Brass chain is antiqued brass and wears well. Crystal is Swarovski. Chains are finished adjacent to the lobster clasp with tiny beads. Discs are hand stamped by me in a delightful "not-perfect" style:)

Necklace is 30 inches to the pendant cluster. Let me know at checkout if you'd prefer a different length from the 30 as shown.  Pendant falls 1.75  inches from the chain.

See/buy on Etsy here.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Chunky Green Chrysoprase Earrings, Long Boho Green Earrings, Rustic Green Chrysoprase Earrings

Rustic and Raw Green Chrysoprase stones ~~ 

Chrysoprase is said to be the stone of joy, happiness, and healing. However, I would assert that these emerge from our pursuit of the heart of Christ:)

The meaning of Chrysoprase comes from two words, "chrys", Greek for 'gold or yellow' and "prase" fGreek for 'leek', referring to the green coloring of it. 
The colors of the natural stone varies, depending on how much nickel there is them. Today we typically think of Chryosprase as an apple green, although, there are varieties which have stronger yellow tones. The presence of nickel creates beautiful patterns in the stones. 
Chrysoprase comes from the agate family and is a type of chalcedony, a stone which I like very much. 

I wired with antiqued silver pins and hung from antiqued silver 1.5 kidney style wires. Definitely different. Earrings hang a little over 2 inches from these wires; however, choose your favorite wire below. 

See/buy on Etsy here

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lydia ~~ Purple Bracelet, Purple Imperial Jasper Wire Wrap Bracelet, Adjustable Purple Stone Bracelet, Purple Turquoise,

For all my purple loving girl friends ~~this one's for you:) I made a bracelet, earrings, and long boho style necklace, all in deep purple Imperial Jasper.

Named for Lydia, the seller of purple cloth, found in Acts 16 ~~ a lover of God's word!

Such lovely stones! Rich dark purple Imperial Jasper with streaks of cream. Gorgeous. I wire wrapped these beads in hand antiqued brass wire, added in a few vintage brass beads and finished with a bit of brass chain and a vintage brass trigger clasp. Bracelet as shown measures exactly nine inches in length and is adjustable down to 7.5 inches, all with a slightly smaller inner diameter.

 I created darling drop earrings in vintage brass to match! See here or necklace here,
See/buy here on Etsy.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Lampwork Glass Leverback Earrings, Sterling, Green Lampwork Dangle Earrings, Green Blue Red, Cylinder Lampwork,

This lampwork glass is amazing. On a minty green base the artist added touches of blue, red, and white. I wired in sterling silver filled wire and hung from sterling leverback wires. Be different:)

Earrings show leverback earwires, but choose your favorite style at checkout.

Earring beads are lampwork glass. Each pair has slightly different markings. They measure right at 2" from the leverback wires. Wire is sterling silver filled. Choose your earwire preference (all silver) at checkout. I have french hooks, leverback, all in sterling silver.

See/buy on Etsy here.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brass Royal Blue Necklace, Blue Turquoise Necklace, Bright Blue Wire Wrap Brass Necklace, Blue Jasper Necklace

Stunning blue Imperial Jasper stones~~ I'm not sure if this color is royal blue, sapphire blue, or cobalt blue~~regardless, it's my favorite color. 

These are beautiful rich blue Imperial Jasper beads, 10mm in size, the bead are dyed in deep creamy royal blue tones. I added a brass bead cap to each end, wired in hand antiqued brass wire, added a bit of solid brass chain and an accent brass disc and voila, you have a delightful necklace which measures 20 inches at its full length. 

This listing is for the necklace alone See link below to order coordinating earrings/bracelet. 

See more pictures/buy on Etsy here,
See matching earrings here
or bracelet here

Turquoise and Wood Slide On Bracelet, ChunkyTurquoise Jewelry, Fun Turquoise Bracelet, Stretchy

This is my all time favorite go-to bracelet. I liked it so much I took my original and just now got around to making one for YOU. I love the bright blue turquoise (magnesite) and wood combination. I added just a few silver daisy flowers to bring out my inner hippy:) Bracelet's inner diameter is 7 inches and I have room to slide in two fingers easily on my wrist.

See on Etsy here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Brass Raspberry Red Necklace, Dark Pink Turquoise Bracelet, Hot Pink Wire Wrap Brass Necklace, Dark Pink Necklace

These are absolutely gorgeous beads! 12mm in size, the bead are Sea sediment Jasper dyed in deep creamy raspberry tones. Love. I added a brass bead cap to each end, wire in hand antiqued brass wire, added a bit of solid brass chain and an accent brass disc and voila, you have a delightful necklace which measures 20 inches at its full length.

See on Etsy here and matching earrings here,

Pale Minty Green Prehnite Dangle Earrings

Cool as a cucumber, these earrings are refreshing on a hot summer's day. The local temperature reached 109 this week. Whew. Time to be refreshed. Try these cool little earrings for a change.

Pale green prehnite gemstone chips, the stone of unconditional love.

Earrings are wired with surgical steel pins and hung from stainless steel wires--choose your preferred style at checkout. With the french hooks, earrings fall 1.5".

See on Etsy here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Antiqued Pink Pearls ~~ Earrings and Bracelet

I'm loving antiqued pink pearls ~~ my husband bought me the most beautiful sweater at Banana Republic and I keep seeing this shade of pink at Target. Pale pink is IN.

So, I created a few pieces to coordinate!

See long dangle earrings here,  chunkier earrings here, Bracelet here,  chain necklace here, bar necklace here, and just for fun, I'm throwing out these larger Swarovski crystal studs, here:)

Antiqued Pink Rose Bar Necklace, Antiqued Pink Vintage Bronze Bar Necklace, Pink Czech Glass Bar Style Necklace

Soft Rosy Pink fire polished faceted czech glass beads and white faux pearls create the perfect curved bar style necklace. I worked the bar into a simple antiqued bronze chain which is finished by the lobster clasp in more glass pearls. Necklace is shown here at 18 inches in length, but I can certainly provide another length chain as you desire. Earrings measure 1.25 inch with french hooks.

Simple and elegant. Specify ear wire preference at checkout. Choices are french hooks or leverbacks. See on Etsy here.

Monday, June 20, 2016


Cool, earthy, lightweight, and fun, Taos blends natural wooden paddles with diminutive nuggets of turquoise for 16" (plus 2) of easygoing accessorizing. See on Etsy here.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Brass Boho Raspberry Red Dangle Earrings, Mottled Dark Pink Dangle Earrings, Long Boho Dark Pink Earrings, Vintage Brass

These are absolutely gorgeous beads! 12mm in size, the bead are Sea sediment Jasper dyed in deep creamy raspberry tones. Love. I added a brass bead cap to each end, wire in hand antiqued brass wire, added a bit of solid brass chain and voila, you have a delightful bracelet which is adjustable up to 9 inches.

See bracelet here, and matching earrings here.

Beads are 12mm Sea Sediment Jasper dyed to a gorgeous dark pink. Bracelet measures up to 9 inches.