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Friday, March 21, 2014

Revelation Stone ~~ Aquamarine Wedge Sterling Silver Statement Necklace

Aquamarine blends the ideas of "water" and "sea", a stone which is evocative of peaceful meditation and reveals truth. I love how this necklaces reflects sparkles of the sea, blue skies, and majestic mountainscapes.See commentary below.

Genuine aquamarine wedges are graduate to smaller chips by the nape of the neck for ease of wear. This necklace is 17.5 inches in length and is finished with sterling silver. Necklace $60, Earrings in sterling, $15 See on Etsy here

Aquamarine is a light blue or bluish-green variety of beryl. Historians have likened it to “a thousand leagues of sunlit sea imprisoned in a cup.” It’s very name is descriptive of it’s color: aqua meaning water and marine meaning sea. Aquamarine was the most available variety of beryl during Bible times, while the emerald (also a beryl) was more rare. The term aquamarine is not used by any of the Bible translators, but many scholars believe that the aquamarine was the type of beryl (Gr berullos) of the eighth stone of the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:20). The Roman historian and writer, Elder Pliny (23-79 AD), describes the color and characteristics of the aquamarine in his description of the berullos stone of his time. At that time, emeralds, though also beryl, were called by another name, smaragdos (this being the fourth stone in the New Jerusalem). See Beryl, Emerald from 

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