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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sands of Time SOLD

On our daily dune walks, I am captured by the shifting sands...each year the sand forms new patterns, new dunes emerge, old ones flatten. The edge of the creek shifts and tides beat down new embankments. I am reminded that in my life too, there is ebb and flow, shifting, and fluidity. And I'm thankful. I don't want to remain static and unchanged. I place myself in God's hands and let him shape me for his use least I become too rigid and inflexible.

Naturally colored Crazy Lace Agate, fire polished Czech glass, coconut shell coins, freshwater pearls, and golden coin pearls are capped in filigree and connected with Vintage bronze wire in this asymmetrical design. 34 inches. Necklace $42, Earrings $11

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